Become a member of the Quinto Ampliamento association in order to play a role in bringing about positive change for everyone’s benefit.

The activities and cultural programmes of “Quinto Ampliamento” are open to anyone, whether entrepreneur, worker, professional or student, who wants to be part of a communal change that can no longer be delayed and in which companies can play a major role.

Why to join in Il Quinto Ampliamento?

Assigning a new task to companies and participating in the construction of a new, more people-friendly world. A voyage and a challenge that presents both responsibilities and reputational, relationship, cultural and economic benefits.


Adopting the “Quinto Ampliamento” principles will make a company more attractive, and ultimately more competitive, thereby raising its standing.


“Quinto Ampliamento” promotes the sharing of experiences and opinions. Being part of it means entering into lively debate and discussion with people who are actively involved in a different way of doing business.


“Quinto Ampliamento” promotes novel cultural programmes within companies that make them better able to address the complexities of our times. All the tools are already available, namely conferences, training workshops and entertainment.


“Quinto Ampliamento” supports the kind of business that seeks to grow in a balanced, stable manner, creating networks and favouring the profitable sharing of best practices.

Membership of Il Quinto Ampliamento

Membership of “Quinto Ampliamento” is open both to companies and to individuals, the former as full members and the latter as associated supporters.

Payment of an annual membership fee that is commensurate with turnover in the case of companies and relatively less in the case of individuals, will enable the “Quinto Ampliamento” association to continue to fund its activities and will enable its members to make use of the exclusive services and special offers available to members only.

Activities and services

Anyone who chooses to join “Il Quinto Ampliamento” will be able to participate in a truly original process together with other companies and to take advantage of the opportunities and services offered by the association:


  • Congresses and Conventions
  • Exhibitions
  • Shows
  • A specialist magazine


  • Specific training programmes
  • Interaction with schools
  • Study Bursaries


  • Studies and Research projects
  • Analysis of best practices
  • Discussion round-tables