We believe that

A supportive enterprise that cares deeply about the individual, the local area and the future will never stand alone.
A thoughtful enterprise interacts with the world around it and is not afraid of it.
A better enterprise is a stronger enterprise.

The scent of ideas is a truly inebriating one and you have to learn to love it again.  However, in order to turn great dreams into reality requires pragmatism.  Our aim is to promote a business model that is both old and new at the same time, one that utilises the traditional, centuries-old Italian know-how to address today’s economic challenges in a creative and certain manner.

Profit? A good start  

We examine and enhance all of those enlightened entrepreneurial experiences that have proven, over the course of time, to be able to combine both profit and a sense of responsibility toward the individual and the local area.  Moreover, they have turned this responsibility into a key component of their success, a competitive edge and an element of solidity over time.  We bring all of this into the reality of those who are in business in today’s world, those who are facing the current hazards of being in business and look to the future, well beyond the quarterly figures.


Culture? A tool with which to understand and show respect for the world

We all need culture in order to understand our constantly and fast-changing world.  This is even truer for businesses whose destiny is often dictated by their ability to read the future and anticipate the coming changes.  Art, literature, music, philosophy, sociology and history beyond the confines of mere recreational interest cross over into the world of work, changing and revitalising it.  Culture influences the quality and speed of our response to any kind of opportunity and any kind of problem: we aim to help businessmen to turn their business into a thinking environment, a kind of laboratory of innovation.

Motivation at work? Giving meaning to what we do” (Francesco Novara)    

We need to take an open-minded look at the reality that surrounds us and rediscover the joy of criticism and the excitement of commitment, and then take all of this back to our day-to-day work. We believe in the concept of communal economics and we strive to establish a business model that places the common good and the individual at the centre of all its activities and that overcomes the barrenness of the dominant economic models to once again savour the satisfaction of taking on the great challenges.  These days many businesses know that participating in the creation of a better world actually makes them stronger because it puts profound motivation back into their work and reconnects work with life with the kind of ideal synergy that we all thought had been lost forever. Our aim is to accompany them on this voyage, making the process more alive, profitable and exciting.